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How do I get to know the mini goldendoodle breed?

A frequent question we have from people is how can they learn more about the mini goldendoodle breed? I have practical answer for you today. First off, you want to get to know one. One of the best places to do that is at dog parks and meetup groups. You can look for these on facebook or meetup. You can find dog parks by googling them. Then go. Spend some time talking to current dog owners. Then bring your feedback to us! You likely will not find an F1 English Mini Goldendoodle because they are rare. We can tell you how our puppies compare to the traditional American f1b or multi-gen mini goldendoodle that you'll likely run into. 90% of mini goldendoodles bred are f1b or multi-gen. We are one of the only f1 english mini breeders. To get to know our dogs, it's best to troll our facebook and instagram pages and converse with previous buyers there. They can both validate that we're a real breeder and give you 100% truthful feedback as to what our puppies are like. The other thing that you can do to see if you have allergies to mini goldendoodles is walk a dog on Or babysit a dog overnight in your or someone else's home. Visiting grooming shops can be helpful too. Groomers are usually open to chatting, and have observed many breeds. I hope you have found these tools helpful.

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