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Goldendoodle Puppy Hip Displaysia Part 3

The third factor is hip dysplasia factors is overextension as puppies. Often puppies have lots of energy and it's so much fun to play with them! Chasing games, hiding games, and running games are all fun, with limits. As those hips are developing, we need to be aware that running up stairs and running too long can cause some hip problems in the middle of developing joints. My daughter is in 9th grade. She has a friend on her team that is very tall. She's a phenomenal athlete, but has developed some hip displaysia and has to miss games now because of her extensive training during growth periods. We need to be cautious. Goldendoodle puppies grow VERY quickly, so taking it easy won't be for long. Especially in the mini goldendoodles, be aware of the leaps they are taking at young ages and work toward balance. It will pay off in their long, wonderful lives with you.

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