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Best Tips For Puppy Training For Beginners! (2021)

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Here at Power Goldendoodles we are a full support breeder. We often walk our new puppy families through any questions or coaching they need to prepare and get off to a great start. We have many puppies that go home and have no or a couple of accidents at home during potty training. It starts with a good plan and consistency. If you have a crate for when puppy is tired or will be unsupervised, it is a good option. Having a small area initially until Puppy has gained some of your confidence is also a good idea. In Boise, it is cold in the winter. It can be harder for us to go outside, for potty training but typically goldendoodle puppies still want to explore outside. It should be just as easy to potty train in the cold months as long as our jacket and shoes are nearby. If for any reason you are off to a rough start, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are available to our wait list holders and families who have a puppy reserved under deposit or have taken one of our goldendoodle puppies home. We focus our attention to serve our customers and give our goldendoodle puppies the best start.

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