Goldendoodle Selection Process


After your $400 deposit and interview with us, you will watch puppies grow through videos and photos. Deposits are only made by talking with us. That way we make sure we interview every family and get to know each other a bit before deposit. ONLY deposits hold puppies in our program. We do not take a wait list and we do not hold anyone's deposit for future litters. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. We only refund if we cannot provide the gender of puppy you deposited for.


We pick goldendoodle puppies out at 6 weeks in the order of gender deposits. We will schedule your 45-minute slot in person or live video. 90% of our puppies are picked out via live video. You will be receiving photos and video updates up until 6 weeks and will have in mind your favorites. At 6 weeks, we temperament test the puppies and reveal them to you at your scheduled time. Most people choose within minutes because they are familiar with the puppies. We like to assist in this decision, but it is your choice.