Available Guardian Home Dogs for our Goldendoodles

Our current Guardian Dog is Rusty. Rusty grew up in a good friend and Guardian's home. In the meantime, she decided to become a breeder and wants to specialize in different colors than Rusty carries, so she has decided to surrender him back to me for a different Guardian Home. Rusty is well-socialized friendly. Great with kids and likes other dogs. He does not like water or getting dirty (this is typical for poodles).

Rusty is a small standard. He weighs 50 lbs. He does not dig or mark, but does alert bark when there's someone at the door. He loves kids. See photos of Rusty here. Rusty is 3 years old and will be a stud occasionally used by us until he is 7. We currently need Rusty for breeding once or twice a year. But it depends on our breeding demands. When we need him, we will ask you to transport him to our reproduction vet for appointments. Usually 2 times during the breeding week. We will make the appointments along with you.

He will need to be away from intact females during their heat cycles and cannot be used for breeding without our permission and a fee.